OneAndUs pays 20% commission to resellers. When you sell more or recruit other sellers, you can earn up to 25% commission.
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What is a power reseller?

As a power-reseller you are able to create resellers under your account (sub-resellers) and transfer credits to their accounts. You are now able to manage several resellers under one account. You determine how much percentage you want to give your sub-reseller 10,15,18 or even 20%.

When your sub-resellers accumulates

  • a total monthly sales of $20,000, your cash commission will increase from 20 to 22% the following month.
  • a total monthly sales of $40,000, your cash commission will increase from 20 to 25% the following month.

How do I become one?

You become a power reseller the moment you create a sub-reseller. Its that easy.

How do I make money from my sub-resellers?

You can make money from your sub-resellers in two ways

  1. Since you get 20% commission on any cash payment made to your account, you can choose to offer your reseller 15% or 18% commission on their cash or bank deposit payment made to you. You choose to manage their account and credit their payments without them needing to come online and pay directly. Your sub-reseller won't even need to be online to load their customer's account since they can use SMS reload option or reload via automated phone call.

    In the event your sub-resellers reloads directly with us via deposit or credit card, you'll get the difference of the commission credited to your account.
  2. If you choose to offer your sub-resellers the maximum 20% or when they choose to go to our website to reload directly, you will start earning 22-25% commission on your account whenever your total sub-reseller monthly cash sales volume meets or exceeds $20,000.

How would my sub-reseller purchase additional credit?

Your sub-reseller can purchase additional credit using the following methods

  1. You can collect cash or bank deposit from your sub-resellers. Use your debit card or bank deposit into our account to load the money into your account then transfer the appropriate credit to your sub-reseller's account.
  2. Your sub-reseller can deposit the money directly into our account on your behalf. You have to call us to apply the funds to your account. You can now transfer credit from your account to your sub-reseller's account.